Toyota and the Michigan Science Center Team Up to Unveil New Toyota 4D Engineering Theater!

Toyota Motor North America and the Michigan Science Center Recently unveiled a new $1.44M Toyota 4D Engineering Theater (TET) aimed at inspiring the next generation of science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM for short. The TET will be used to showcase the exciting developments in the world of STEM with the hopes of inspiring future generations to continue making breakthroughs and pushing the boundaries of what is possible! Here at Fox Toyota, we couldn't be happier of this new addition to the Michigan Science Center as it's located just a short 25 miles away in Detroit!

The TET offers a unique four-dimensional experience that engages all of the senses. This makes it possible for students and STEM enthusiasts to interact directly with what they're learning about. The TET also supports live stream video footage both to and from anywhere in the world, making learning more immersive and interactive than ever.

If you're interested in checking out the new Toyota 4D Engineering Theater, simply make the quick trip south from Rochester Hills and visit the Michigan Science Center, conveniently located right on John R Street in Detroit!

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