Toyota is Working on Building a Long-Range, Fast-Charging Battery for a New Electric Car to be Released by 2022

For years, Toyota has been a pioneer when it comes to hybrid vehicles. The Prius was one of the first hybrid models to gain popularity and the Miriai is taking the lead in adding hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to roads all over. And now, Toyota is planning to step up their EV game.

By the year 2022, Toyota plans to sell long-range, fast-charging electric cars. Toyota engineers are currently developing a new kind of battery that will improve driving range while shortening charging time.

The main reason that many drivers are hesitant to buy EVs is that they can only drive about 400 miles on a single charge and they take a while to recharge. But with this new battery, Toyota will dispel those concerns. Rather than using a lithium-ion battery, Toyota plans to use an all-solid-state battery that will be able to store significantly more energy, allowing you to stay on the road much longer, and it will be able to charge in just minutes. This new battery will be built on an all-new platform, so you'll have a brand new Toyota model to enjoy.

Toyota plans to release this vehicle by 2022, and it will likely become available in Japan first, then make its way to other markets soon after.

Be sure to keep your eye out for these long-range, fast-charging electric cars in the next few years. And until they become available, you're welcome to take a look at the efficient models we currently have available, like the Prius, Camry Hybrid and RAV4 Hybrid.

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