So, you made it through the Detroit winter. It almost seemed like spring would never get here. But here it is, coming on fast in full force. Safe to say you won't need those winter tires anymore, this season. That is just the start of the process to prepare your Toyota for the warmer temperatures. Fox Toyota of Rochester Hills wants to get your ready for the sun and fun of spring.

Did you put winter tires on your Toyota when the leaves started to fall, and the cooler air moved into Sterling Heights? Let the tire team at Fox Toyota take your winter tires off and install all-season or summer tires. You won't need those winter wheels for a while. Summer tires will get you better prepared to conquer the streets of Waterford and Troy with confidence.

With new tires comes new alignment. Even if you didn't switch out your tires with the season, it should be about time for a regularly scheduled rotation and alignment. You've been riding around Warrant all winter, driving through any number of conditions. You don't want the tread on your tires to wear down unevenly. Rotating and balancing out your tires make your Toyota vehicle safer for those days you spend carousing around Warren.

Most of all, you want to make sure your tires have the proper inflation. Cold weather can deflate your tires. When your tires are over-or underinflated that can cause for a potentially dangerous situation, particularly when you are facing those April showers and potential potholes.

Don't let spring catch you off guard. Schedule a trip with the Service team at Fox Toyota of Rochester Hills. They'll do what it takes to get your tires in fighting shape for the change of seasons. With the brands made for your Toyota vehicle, you can trust they'll get the right tire on your vehicle.

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