The last cold front has moved out. The sun is shining more often. And the leaves are returning to the trees. Spring has arrived in Detroit. Is your Toyota ready? We know you took great care of your Toyota all through the winter. Now it is time to get it prepared for warmer temperatures. Fox Toyota of Rochester Hills has the tools you need to get your Toyota in prime condition to tackle the warmer weather. .

It all starts in the service center at Fox Toyota and it starts under the hood. In the winter, you changed your oil, coolant, transmission and other fluids to more seasonal-appropriate blends. Now it is time to revert back to what you were using before the drop in mercury.

Before you head out on the streets of Sterling Heights, check your wipers. They have been battling the piles of ice and snowfall that decorated Warren and Waterford in the past couple of months. They need a break. They may be worn. Now you need to be ready for the impending rain showers. A new set of wipers can increase your visibility on those stormy days and make the streets of Troy even safer for your Toyota.

As you drive in the winter, your battery takes a beating. It works harder than ever to start up and keep your car running smoothly and warmly. This can drain the life from your battery even quicker. It might be time to schedule a trip to Fox Toyota to let us test your batteries life.

How did your tires hold up in the winter? Did you go with the Cold weather tires? If so, it is time to switch back to the all-seasons. If you decide to stick with your current tires, make sure you check the pressure to ensure they have enough air and tread to get you through the shift in seasons.

Perhaps you didn't get through the winter unscathed. Did a pothole or slick road get the best of you? Trust the team at the Fox Toyota of Rochester Collision Center. They have the right parts and paint variations you need to get back on the road, looking good as new.

Spring brings new beginnings for Detroit and Sterling Heights drivers. Get your Toyota ready for the warmer days by letting the team at Fox Toyota of Rochester Hills de-winterize your vehicle.

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